Posted by: MC | November 11, 2013

A Mandan-Hidatsa Elder and Civilian Warrior Speaks of Fracking

Today is Veteran’s Day.  Today we honor people who have placed their lives on the line to recover peace.

Per Capita, more Native Americans serve in the U.S. military than any other ethnic group.  In recent data out of the Department of Defense (2010) the contrast shows up in the fact that while Native Americans make up 1.4% of the total U.S. population, they compose 1.7% of the country’s military.  Over 20% of Native American men and women over 18 join the military and 90% have been volunteers.  This has been the case across U.S. history.

Across Indian Country, these warriors are profoundly honored – all year round and especially today.

Now, for a shift of focus.  The warrior tradition is deep in Native American tradition.  Here on Veteran’s Day two things seem vital.  First, that we never forget the generosity of all service people.  Second, that we take responsibility ourselves — in or out of military service — for the peace and well being of our land and communities.

Last week I posted a conversation out of Montana.  This week, I’m asking that all of us take very seriously the task of informing ourselves about the explosive development of the technology of Fracking.  Here on Veteran’s day, I offer this brief and important example of how we may listen and be in dialogue to restore peace to the environment as well as the economy.  Mandan-Hidatsa Elder Marilyn Hudson provides that model along with balanced reflection of the interests involved.

Please watch this video and learn.  And keep finding ways to listen and to step forward in service to peace and well being.

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