Posted by: MC | January 6, 2013

Listening Made Easy — Re-release of 100Voices Podcasts


So, every day this week, the initial seven episodes of 100VOICES via Podcast will be released — all starting right now!!

Just go HERE for Chapter 1 – Voices from the Northwest.  

Then come back tomorrow and I’ll add Chapter 2, then 3 on Tuesday and so on through the whole week.  By Sunday we’ll be onto the first launch of Chapter 8 followed the next three Sundays with 9, 10 and the super amazing epilogue.

So Click, Listen, and ENJOY!

More soon ~~

….later that same week …

So, I can’t seem to figure out how to put the direct link on the blog.  But what would life be without more opportunity to build cyber-literacy?  And, not to worry — your listening pleasure can be further fulfilled with ease at the url for ALL the podcasts so far –>

Keep listening
to the podcasts
and to the people living and breathing around you —

all of us making the change together.


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