Posted by: MC | December 24, 2012

Holy Days

solstice hoops 2012 mmc

Here on the eve of what Christians recognize as the day for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ – here on this 24th day of what people all across the globe know, each in her or his own language, as December – here in the moments of reading these words on this page is the source of the idea — holy.

In the mystery of one moment passing to the next I want to send all of you my deepest gratitude and respect,
in what changes and
in what endures



  1. How can these days be so full of so much and at the same time, seem so empty and what can I do about all of this? yes, God’s love is all around, but it’s hard to find as sometimes I have to really dig for it to appear to me. Things across this wonderful land, those poor children, our poor floundering Congress and leaders, we need so much leadership, starting within my own self. I give thanks for family and friends at this Epiphany season as we have gotten through Advent and Christmas. Let us hold hands and move forward into what 2013 can and will be! Stan in TX Hill Country

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