Posted by: MC | June 22, 2012

A Short Blog

Last Friday a friend said, “I read your blog.”  I was flattered.  “But usually only to the place where it says ‘more,’ ” she added.  “They’re lots longer,” I offered, maybe hoping she’d be delighted at the news.  “I know,” she half gasped, half laughed.

While I can’t pretend that I’ll ever stop conflating the words blog and essay, I think this week I’ll give a shorter version a try.  Let’s see if I can do it.

Ummm.  Yeah.  OK, this is what I want to say today.

Don’t give up.

There’s a lot in our world designed to shame and entice at the very same time – a brain saturating batch in the next half hour of interaction with the internet or any other form of media.  Subtle and overt, the messages are relentless.  We’re defective, we can’t get along, with rare exceptions our leaders can’t be trusted and neither can our teachers or police officers or mail carriers or parents or children………….!  The solution – vote for X (the exception, of course), save your money, spend your money, suspect everyone, and [one that’s really making the rounds these days –] “It’s 2012, cut loose because Armageddon is upon us.”

In all of that, why listen to anyone?  Why turn toward any relationship?  Why rely on any community?

Ask these questions.  Don’t stop without good answers. Look to see what makes it so your life has come to this moment spent reading this short blog.  Don’t give up.


  1. I follow your blog and enjoy the longer pieces and the shorter both. Most often struck by patterns of thought that affirm.

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