Posted by: MC | April 8, 2012

EX:Change on Easter Hiatus in the UK

Alongside what changes is what endures.  Each is finally contained in the other.  Many times, what remains most reliable does so because of its capacity to change.

Here I am, visiting the UK because of one of those enduring things — family — more specifically, my beloved expat daughter.

Today is Easter.  That means many on the islands are following the tradition of gathering with families over meals  —  elaborate and larger than usual.  It’s alot like the way many families in the US acknowledge Thanksgiving.

The post-feast walk that often follows our late November celebrations was much in evidence this afternoon along the banks of the River Thames where it flows through Oxford.

Many words have and will be said about what changes and what endures.  But today a walk along the river said it best.


  1. Beautiful photos and beautifully written! LUV! LUV!

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