Posted by: MC | March 12, 2012

MC & EX:Change on Public Broadcasting this Wednesday
Mar 14 ~ 5:00-6:00p.m. CDT
MC ~on~AT ISSUE w/ Ben Merens

The EX:Change project and 100 VOICES – AMERICANS TALK ABOUT CHANGE debut on an hour-long public radio show this week.  This is exciting, for sure!

An hour call-in for chatting about listening across difference.  The Wisconsin Public Broadcasting range includes Wisconsin, northern Illinois, Michigan and western Minnesota.  And Ben Merens – an exceptional soul entirely devoted professionally and personally to the art of listening himself – tells me anyone can listen on – and anyone can call at 1 800.486.8655.

So, join us on Wednesday.  It will be GREAT to hear you voice!


  1. will do my best to log in and listen. glad to see you have an opportunity for an open airing and conversation.

  2. Miss you very much Dr. Clare-my good friend. I’ve been devastasted by the atrocities taking place in Afghanistan. The killing of the families–children and parents in their sleep. I pray for no more wars for America and for the world. The killing has gone on too long. This nation of mine–the US that I love so much must stop killing: Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, in the wohle Middle east is fire. The US has armed the world to the teeth when the majority of humanity is hungry, no shelters, no clean waters–education is lacking, but the US is embarked upon killing. The US decimates and ruins families across the globe. This is what has been in my mind. I’m praying seriously. Join me–all of you. If you don’t know how to pray–write letters to your representatives to stop killing. We must live together in peace. The village-global village belongs to us-together. Love you.

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