Posted by: MC | January 21, 2012

On the Road Again – AKA EX:Change Round II

Three years ago today, I began the EX:Change project.  Our new president had been inaugurated the day before and January 21 was the first of my 100 days for learning from everyday U.S. citizens what they meant when they said the word,  change.  My goal was to interview 100 people in 100 days and one result was the publication of the book 100 VOICES – AMERICANS TALK ABOUT CHANGE.  Now it’s three years later.  The people of the country are still looking for change.  And I’m driving again — this time to get these voices back out to the public they came from — but also to do what I can to support one of the primary themes from the EX:Change project — listening and speaking across our differences so that we can make the changes we all want in our country.

So, here we go.  It is ours to do — and it’s ours to do together.

Somehow I am packed again.   The house is in the great hands of the best housemate ever, the car is happily tuned and fueled, and this time I’ll even have a GPS.  All of that and I also have the priceless companionship of every one of you.

Not a bad start to a year already overworked in anticipation of transformation forecast as everything from cataclysm to eternal bliss.  No matter the predictions, here in the living of it the time and the circumstances are ours.  We are a democracy and, even knowing how contorted the practices touting the banner of that ideal has become, our country and its function remain ours to reclaim and sustain.

In support of making democracy real I am getting in my car to drive as one of the 350 million – one of we-the-people.  I’m bound to be blogging here, posting on Facebook, even Tweeting…! (yes, my very first smart phone arrived yesterday evening and I’ll be live on Twitter by Monday).  The idea is to make it so you can see when I’m coming into your area.  Let me know where you are.  I’m open to spontaneous gatherings and formal gigs.  When I know, I will for sure also let you know of any specific venues and such.

Thanks to each and all of you for coming along on this journey.  I’m looking forward to seeing you and to watching as our numbers grow.

Please be in touch (email –

See you soon —

Let’s make this happen –
Joining together in the radical act of listening!


  1. Bon Voyage Mary! Looking forward to hearing/seeing/reading about your adventures as you have them!

  2. Godspeed, Mary! Let the tapestry start revealing itself!

  3. travel safe, your on your way rejoicing!
    didn’t know Jane Ragsdale was Tivy classmate; do now after church today
    we’re getting ready for your invasion; shalom, Stan etc.

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