Posted by: MC | October 22, 2011

These Questions Belong to You Now

I’ve had three meetings so far today.  One with a Yaqui man who is a veteran and a student.  “For me it is a question of balance,” he said.  “Internal balance.  External balance.”  Half of his bagel sat on its small plate with one semi-circular bite gone for the entire time we talked.  I also met with a woman activist.  She had a question.  “I’m just so curious about what people would say in response to being asked who it is that they write off.”  She went on, “I wonder if answering that question would motivate people to rethink how quickly they dismiss others.”

The third person I met with is a writer who also works as a journalist.  After treating me to a pot of my favorite Sencha tea at Peet’s Coffee House, my new friend, Dave said, “Those three questions – the ones about change that you used for your book – they are for everyone, now.”  He’s right.  This investigation of what we mean by change couldn’t be more on time.  Partly, that’s because, as many of the 100 VOICES said, life is defined by change.  In that since, change is always right on time.  But in our talk, Dave and I were looking out to the vast changes in human community these days.

  • When you say the word change what do you mean?
  • Alongside change, what is important to have remain the same?
  • What would be concrete signs that positive change is occurring?

I’ve invited Dave to write in response to these three questions.  He’ll send me a guest blog for one week soon.  Then I’ll ask other people.  Some of the 100 VOICES may be willing to join in.  Avishan (#89) already articulated her take on change two years later.  Maybe you’ve seen her in the reading video from two weeks ago (EX:C blog, “Video of this Week’s Release Event”  10-9-2011).  She stepped right up – extemporized – magnificent.

But here’s the invitation.  The questions are yours, now.  How would you answer for yourself?  What do your friends and family say?  Let me know.  Send a guest blog yourself.

We are really in it now.  Change is the thing.  But so is that which endures.  There’s something vital and essentially wise in knowing what those things are for each of us as individuals – for all of us together.

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