Posted by: MC | September 24, 2011

Book Release Invitations!

   I just sent this email to the 504 people on my “EX:Change Friends and Family” list.  Cool number, huh?  504.

These are the people who, along the way — as I drove the highways of U.S. in early 2009 and in the time since have befriended me and the EX:Change project and asked to be kept updated.  In ten days, what was once only and idea on a cold and rainy New Year’s Eve will show up as a book – a book based in the candor of everyday citizens and their hope and dreams for family, community and country.

I’m posting this here, because the invitation I sent to them, I send to all of you as well.  Come join our book release celebrations!  Help us open the EX:Change to more people for speaking and listening about what we want for our country and for democracy.  It appear we really are the hope.  By listening and speaking we can realize the solid ground upon which we may stand to step together with plans and actions that take us right into the change we are looking for.

Sure seems worth a try.

Hope to see you soon!

Hello from Portland, OR–

You are receiving this because you are among the friends that the EX:Change adventure and I have found over the time since the idea dawned, New Years Eve 2008/09.

As you know, the trip happened – 10,000 miles circumnavigating the country in my trusty Mini Cooper – 100 voices in 100 days – everyday Americans talking about change.  There’s been plenty in between, but I’m writing today to let you all know that

100 Voices – Americans Talk about Change

will be on bookshelves around the country within days.  WOW!

I’m attaching the press materials developed by LoudMouth Press (EX:Change blog 8-21-2011, Book Publication & Press Info – Yay!) , the non-profit publishing house whose courage, creativity, commitment and great heart have made this book possible.   I am also writing because I want to invite all of you and your friends and family to two book release events.

On Thursday evening, October 6, Annie Bloom’s Books in Portlandwill host the public release of 100 Voices.  All the information on that event is here.   Then on Friday evening, October 7, LoudMouth Press has announced a book signing and celebration event from 5:00-8:00 at the Teardrop Lounge on NW 10th & Everett downtown.

I know that the great majority of you live some distance fromPortland, requiring a miracle for you to be with us for all of this.  But I continue a big fan of miracles and would SO love seeing any and all of you.

Those of you (or your friends) within driving, biking, TriMet, walking, hang gliding … distance; do come join us for these celebrations which are sure to inspire a spirited recharge for the EX:Change – for everyday citizens speaking and listening across differences – and maybe even for taking this whole thing back on the road to continue the conversation.

You can likely imagine how thrilled I am to be returning these voices the American people.  What they and all of us have thought, and what we think now about change in our country has taken its own course in the past three years, but as Gregory Ayers of LoudMouth wrote about 100 Voices a few days ago, “Through a lens of sincere and disparate public opinion, this book gives the reader an opportunity to contemplate the changes that have happened since, both for the better and for the worse.”

And then there’s this from all the way back in the book proposal materials I sent out in the summer of 2010: In a time of manic politics and the acute distortion of democracy, this book points back at us – the people of the United States. These one hundred voices call for the radical act of listening to one another. Here is a book that arises directly from the cultural zeitgeist to guide the reclaiming of democracy.  

So, ok!  Yes.  Let’s do it!

I look forward to seeing each of you again, soon – at the release celebrations and/or at events (grass roots, no doubt) that we’re trusting will crop up around the people and places of this book.  And yes indeed, seems like another road trip is in order.

With my gratitude and affection
And with enormous confidence in the wisdom of the people,


Mary Clare

-on facebook-
100 Voices Americans Talk About Change


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