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Book Publication and Press Info – YAY!!

One of the things about straddling the generations of print and electronic media is that I still don’t quite understand the genre of “blogging.”  That means I don’t know if I’m within or outside of convention with this particular post.  Now that I think of it, it’s quite possible the idea of any convention relative to blogging isn’t even relevant to the genre which is probably very cool.  Whatever the case, here with all due excitement is a reprint of the press materials for the book:  100 Voices:  Americans Talk about Change   published by LoudMouth Press of Brooklyn, NY (

Due “In bookstores everywhere” on October 1.  Wow!

Soon we’ll have a venue for the release event to which you are all invited.  Stay tuned!!

 For Your Consideration
Publication Date:  October 2011
Press Contact:  Gregory Ayres 646-326-6093

100 Voices

Americans Talk about Change

a new book by

Mary M. Clare 

With illustrations by Morgan Blaire
Cover Artwork by Aaron Foster

Published by LoudMouth Press

LoudMouth Press announces their third title, 100 Voices: Americans Talk About Change

Available this October, everywhere books are sold.

Cultural psychologist Mary M. Clare hit the highways to survey Americans of all ages and backgrounds for their thoughts on the state of the country. Beginning with the prompt, “What does change mean to you?” this book is a journey to listen to the opinions and beliefs that stretch across a nation. Clare scribes with the hope of opening a door for dialogue across our differences, allowing each of her subjects the space to tell their stories. Each one proves compelling in itself, while showing that the concept of change is a shared hallmark of American identity.

In a time of manic politics and the acute distortion of democracy, this book points back at us – the people of the United States. These one hundred voices call for the radical act of listening to one another. Here is a book that arises directly from the cultural zeitgeist to guide the reclaiming of democracy.

100 Voices is rich stuff. I recommend you read it in small bites.  Most of us never take the time to listen—to    really listen—to others. Mary Clare does that for us on her cross-country journey asking one hundred citizens what the word change means to them.  There are people of wisdom scattered throughout our nation. In this work wisdom comes not from great scholars, philosophers, or politicians but from a rich cross-section of the disparate citizens who make up our country.”
–          Dick Molpus, former Mississippi Secretary of State; President,
Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC

“Mary Clare and the 100 American voices in this book give powerful evidence of the positive results from changes of the past. They show us that change is a work in progress. The listening that made this collection possible provides a model, even a curriculum, for inclusive and productive communication. This is a brave and ambitious book for anyone who is interested in understanding our past and forging our shared future.”
–          Elizabeth Wilson, former Mayor of the City of Decatur, GA

Themes come to the foreground via Mary’s Road Notes and introductions and the result is homegrown definitions and ideas based firmly in the interests of everyday citizens. In the tradition of Studs Terkel, the book remains true to the people that compose it.

Visit Mary’s website to check out some of the stories found in her new book.

100 Voices: Americans Talk About Change
ISBN 13: 978-0-615-44160-3
Distributed by Consortium
Pages: 240
20 illustrations
$19.95 Format: Hardcover

About the Author:  Mary Clare is a professor and director of the Psychological and Cultural Studies Program at Lewis & Clark College in Portland Oregon. Her research and scholarship have focused on applications of psychology in schools with particular emphasis on identifying and correcting enculturated systems of oppression.

About Loudmouth Press:  LoudMouth Press is a non-profit independent publishing house founded in 2009 in Brooklyn, New York. We publish media that is: Non-fiction social commentary and observations, counter-cultural guides and practical manuals, global current events; photographic and illustrative cultural critiques, inventive art books, and more.

For more information, tour cities, to schedule an interview or lecture

please contact:
Gregory Ayres, Publisher at


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