Posted by: MC | September 22, 2010

Like Water, Like Air — the Voices of Change Don’t Go Away

There’s this – the EX:Change blog.  And there are my still-steady attempts at catching the attention of the trade publishing industry.  And then, proving that like water or air the EX:Change voices are here to stay, there’s the stealth-EX:Change….

From the beginning, dozens of volunteers have donated time, energy and BRILLIANCE to the EX:Change project.  Most recently, two of these near unimaginably talented people (really – no overstatement is possible here) have been working on another media outlet.  The EX:Change website.

Here’s the way to check it out –

Supremely updated and updating!  All thanks to Dani Hunter (video editor/artist extrodinaire) and Rakshith Krishnappa (web designer/engineer on the razor’s edge of his field).  What company I get to keep!  Add to that, the generosity of artist, Dan Alm, who drew up the mini-cooper icons on the EX:C map and you get the current rendition of access to EX:C voices.

In another stealty-EX:C move, Dani is also working with me toward putting together a documentary for release into the indie-circuit here soon.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Even stealthier, perhaps, is the work two more primo-vols are doing with the ‘data’ of it all.  Yep, the nerd aspect is alive and well as we check for what the scholarship of social science might have to gain from all these voices.  Tamara Ko and Camille Jarmie are at least knee-deep in ethnographic coding of all the interviews.  But that’s another blog for another day.

So this is the blog of EX:Change gratitude to the volunteers who keep the project alive.  Gratitude that rides on a hefty dose of awe for the source of it all.  The wisdom of everyday folk is really-and-truly indomitable.  It will never go away.

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